You deserve a perfect relationship

A bad relationship can be extremely painful and seem never ending. Life is too short not to have a perfect relationship, don’t settle for second best, build the perfect relationship and go after exactly what you want. You deserve the best in life, you can find your soul mate, they are out there looking for you.

Soul mates are real and you can find yours, everything you ever wanted can be achieved just don’t give up and go after it. True love is amazing.

Build your dream life

You have unlimited potential, the majority of people I see aren’t achieving their dreams because they are holding themselves back. Stop putting in 50% effort and start putting in 110%. The chance of you winning and succeeding in your goals if you only put in 50% is very small, If you need to win and your hungry for it and put in 110% you will win.

No matter what gets in your way you won’t stop in the pursuit of your goal. Build your dream life and don’t hold back.

You can do what is right or what is easy

Sometimes in life, we are faced with decisions, one option may be easier, more convenient,  but you know in your heart that it isn’t right. Raise your standards, raise the standard you hold yourself too. Do what is right, not what is easy. It will be worth more to you in the long run, your integrity is worth it.

Early is on time

Raise your standards and integrity. Utilise every moment, when you’re early you’re on time, when you’re on time you’re late and when you’re late it is unacceptable.

Prioritize time, and be early. In some countries like Indonesia they work on “rubber time”. If you ask them what the time is, they will simply look around, shrug their shoulders and say ‘it’s day time.

In western cultures we do not work on rubber time, and it is a personal reflection of our selves if we are late or early. When you’re early it shows you actually care. Isn’t it about time you started caring more?

Be the leader in your relationship

Contrary to some peoples beliefs it is the males job to lead the relationship in the right direction. Women don’t want to lead the relationship but often are forced to because the male isn’t leading the relationship properly and is acting in a feminine way. Women want an alpha male, not arrogant but someone who is confident and leads the relationship in the right direction causing the female’s attraction to be as high as possible, hopefully, a 10/10.

Be the man, lead the relationship in the right direction. Be the man you are meant to be and you will have the relationship of your dreams.

The courtship never ends

What you did in the start of the relationship to make your partner fall in love with you is what you need to continue to do. If you stop doing those things, resentment will fill in the place where love once was.

If you originally went out on a date once or twice a week and now never do and wonder why your relationship is lacking passion and romance, maybe thats why. The courtship never ends, you need to continue judging your partners attraction level and keep it as high as possible. Continue making them fall in love with you everyday.

Your date should be a mystery to your lady

Being the leader in the relationship, it will build your ladies attraction higher if you plan and take her out on a date, she only needs to know the time and what to wear. Keep the details of where and what you will be doing a mystery. This will build her attraction towards you higher, she will test you and try to get answers out of you, stay strong and mysterious and don’t reveal the plans.

Show her a great romantic fun time. You are the leader, your ladies job is just to enjoy the night and be in her feminine. Be fully in your masculine and build her attraction.